Pound Cake Essential Tools

There are standard baking tools needed when you are baking,
particularly Pound Cakes since that is the focus here at Whip it Like Butter.
This is a list of essential baking tools for the home baker
rather if you have been baking for some time now or if you are a beginner.


Image of Pound Cake Essential Tools- Pound Cake Essential Tools - Whip It Like Butter


All of the items in this list are tools that I actually own, use and use on a regular basis.


Bundt Cake Pan

A bundt cake pan is essential for making a pound cake. I love Nordic Wear pans because they are durable pan and are sturdy pans. They also have so many different design options.

The standard pan that I use is a 12-cup bundt pan. Before I used a 10-cup bundt pan and I had issues with spillage. The 12-cup bundt pan gives a little extra room so that I can cook any standard pound cake in this pan.



Hand or stand mixer

When I first started baking, I made all of my cakes with a hand mixer. Once I started baking more often, I purchased a stand mixer.

Both are great options for baking. If a hand mixer is what you can afford or have room to store I would start with a hand mixer first.


I like the stand mixer because I can just add the ingredients to the bowl and the mixer does the rest of the work. And I have a few different attachments to choose from which is helpful when I’m using the mixer to make something such as icing.

My mixer also came with a kneader attachment to make bread or dough if I so choose.




Cooling rack

When baking pound cakes, I use a cooling rack for a few different purposes. I place the cake on the cooling rack when it comes out of the oven so that it is not sitting directly on a surface.

Also, sometimes I will invert the cake directly onto the cooling rack. Another option is when adding icing to a cake, you could leave the cake on a cooling rack so when you apply the icing, the extra icing falls under the cake instead of on a plate for example.




Rubber Spatula

A rubber spatula is great for mixing, evenly spreading the top of your cake batter once you pour it into the pan, and also for spreading icing on your cake.





A sifter is needed to sift ingredients such as flour to get rid of any lumps in the flour, and makes the flour light and fine. I am a fan of the old-school sifter with the turn handle.

I like these the best because it’s quick and the flour quickly and evenly flows through the sifter.




Measuring tools

Measuring cups and measuring spoons are a must for baking accuracy. Some come standard, but it’s best to choose measuring tools that have a wide range of measurements.





Toothpicks can be an underrated tool. I mostly use them to insert into the cake to check if it is done. If the toothpick inserted comes out clean or fairly clean then the cake is done.





Cake Carriers

Cake carriers are great for transporting and storing cakes. If the cake requires refrigeration, the entire carrier can be stored in the refrigerator.

I especially like to store cakes this way if they have icing and/or are decorated. That way I can avoid wrapping the cake up which could cause the icing to stick to the cake.



I hope these tools help you along your baking journey! The right tools make the baking process easier.


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